SAMOS 2001
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Table of Contents SAMOS Conference 2013

Hartwig Jeschke and Olli Silvén Eds.

IEEE Catalog Number: CFP1352A-USB
ISBN: 978-1-4799-0102-9

DOI: 10.1109/SAMOS.2013.6621090--10.1109/SAMOS.2013.6621143

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Rethinking Computer Architecture for Throughput Computing



Wen-mei W. Hwu
What cloud computing can teach us about embedded many-core programming?



András Vajda
Faster Unicores are Still Needed



André Seznec

GPU- and FFT-Architectures




General Purpose Computing on Low-Power Embedded GPUs: Has It Come of Age?
1 -- 10
Arian Maghazeh, Unmesh D. Bordoloi, Petru Eles, and Zebo Peng
Parallelizing General Histogram Application for CUDA Architectures
11 -- 18
Ugljesa Milic, Isaac Gelado, Nikola Puzovic, Alex Ramirez, and Milo Tomasevic
A Scalable FFT Processor Architecture for OFDM Based Communication Systems
19 -- 27
Deepak Revanna, Omer Anjum, Manuele Cucchi, Roberto Airoldi, and Jari Nurmi
Low-Power Application-Specific FFT Processor for LTE Applications
28 -- 32
Tomasz Patyk, David Guevorkian, Teemu Pitkänen, Pekka Jääskeläinen, and Jarmo Takala

Modelling and Design Space Exploration




Abstraction of Polychronous Dataflow Specifications into Mode-Automata
33 -- 40
Julien Ouy, Matthew Kracht, and Sandeep K. Shukla 
PiMM: Parameterized and Interfaced Dataflow Meta-Model for MPSoCs Runtime Reconfiguration
41 -- 48
Karol Desnos, Maxime Pelcat, Jean-François Nezan, Shuvra S. Bhattacharyya, and Slaheddine Aridhi
Modeling Pipelined Application with Synchronous Data Flow Graphs
49 -- 55
Marco Lattuada and Fabrizio Ferrandi
Parallel Implementation of Real-Time Semi-Global Matching on Embedded Multi-Core Architectures
56 -- 63
Oliver Jakob Arndt, Daniel Becker, Christian Banz, and Holger Blume

SystemC and Simulation of Embedded Systems



An Effective Model Extraction Method with State Space Compression for Model Checking SystemC TLM Designs
64 -- 71
Yanyan Gao and Xi Li
A Process-Based Reconfigurable SystemC Module for Simulation Speedup
72 -- 79
Efstathios Sotiriou-Xanthopoulos, Kostas Siozios, George Economakos, and Dimitrios Soudris
MGSim -- A Simulation Environment for Multi-Core Research and Education
80 -- 87
Raphael Poss, Mike Lankamp, Qiang Yang, Jian Fu, Irfan Uddin, and Chris R. Jesshope 
High Speed Cycle Approximate Simulation for Cache-Incoherent MPSoCs
88 -- 95
Christopher Thompson, Miles Gould, and Nigel Topham 

Energy-Awareness and Low Power



Lightweight Resource Estimation Model to Extend Battery Life in Video Playback
96 -- 103
Tero  Rintaluoma and Olli  Silvén
Energy-Aware-Task-Parallelism for Efficient Dynamic Voltage, and Frequency Scaling, in CGRAs
104 -- 112
Syed. M. A. H. Jafri, Muhammad Adeel Tajammul, Ahmed Hemani, Kolin Paul, Juha Plosila, and Hannu Tenhunen 
NoC Links Energy Reduction through Link Voltage Scaling
113 -- 120
Andrea Mineo, Maurizio Palesi, Giuseppe Ascia, and Vincenzo Catania

Applications on Embedded Architectures



Mapping of PRP/HSR Redundancy Protocols onto a Configurable FPGA/CPU Based Architecture
121 -- 128
Holger Flatt, Jürgen Jasperneite, Daniel Dennstedt, and Tran Dinh Hung
An Embedded Hardware-Efficient Architecture for Real-Time Cascade Support Vector Machine Classification
129 -- 136
Christos Kyrkou, Theocharis Theocharides, and Christos-Savvas Bouganis
SWAN-iCare: A smart wearable and autonomous negative pressure device for wound monitoring and therapy
137 -- 144
Isabelle Texier, Pierre Marcoux, Pascale Pham, Marie Muller, Pierre-Yves Benhamou, Marc Correvon, Gabriela Dudnik, Guy Voirin, Natascha Bue, Jan Cristensen, Massimo Laurenza, Giuseppe Gazzara, Andreas Raptopoulos, Alex Bartzas, Dimitrios Soudris, Carl Saxby, Thierry Navarro, Fabio di Francesco, Pietro Salvo, Marco Romanelli, Battistino Paggi, and Leonidas Lymperopoulos

SoCs and Array Processors



Stochastic Modeling and Performance Analysis of Multimedia SoCs
145 -- 154
Balaji Raman, Ayoub Nouri, Deepak Gangadharan, Marius Bozga, Ananda Basu, Mayur Maheshwari, Axel Legay, Saddek Bensalem, and Samarjit Chakraborty
Concurrent Multi-level Arrays: Wait-free Extensible Hash Maps
155 -- 163
Steven Feldman, Pierre LaBorde, and Damian Dechev 
Efficient Runtime Support for Embedded MPSoCs
164 -- 171
Dimitris Theodoropoulos, Polyvios Pratikakis, and Dionisios Pnevmatikatos 

Modelling, Mapping, and Scheduling



Fast Transaction-Level Dynamic Power Consumption Modelling in Priority Preemptive Wormhole Switching Networks On Chip
172 -- 179
James Harbin and Leandro Soares Indrusiak
Deploying OpenMP on an Embedded Multicore Accelerator
180 -- 187
Spiros N. Agathos, Vassilios V. Dimakopoulos, Aggelos Mourelis, and Alexandros Papadogiannakis
A Just-In-Time Modulo Scheduling for Virtual Coarse-Grained Reconfigurable Architectures
188 -- 195
Ricardo Ferreira, Vinicius Duarte, Waldir Meireles, Monica Pereira, Luigi Carro, and Stephan Wong 
Dynamic Task Mapping onto Multi-Core Architectures through Stream Rewriting
196 -- 204
Lars Middendorf, Christian Zebelein, and Christian Haubelt 
An Accurate Energy Model for Streaming Applications Mapped on MPSoC Platforms
205 -- 212
Jelena Spasic and Todor Stefanov

Fault-Modeling and Test



Pulse-Length Determination Techniques in the Rectangular Single Event Transient Fault Model
213 -- 218
Alireza Rohani, Hans G. Kerkhoff, Enrico Costenaro, and Dan Alexandrescu
Compiler-Aided Methodology for Low Overhead On-line Testing
219 -- 226
Ghazaleh Nazarian, Robert M. Seepers, Christos Strydis, and Georgi N. Gaydadjiev

Manycore Architectures



TimeCube: A Manycore Embedded Processor with Interference-Agnostic Progress Tracking
227 -- 236
Anshuman Gupta, Jack Sampson, and Michael Bedford Taylor 
ECONO: Express Coherence Notifications for Efficient Cache Coherency in Many-Core CMPs
237 -- 244
José L. Abellán, Alberto Ros, Juan Fernández, and Manuel E. Acacio

Special Session on Fault-Tolerant Techniques for Computer Systems, Architectures and Processors




Introduction to the Special Session on: Fault-Tolerant Techniques for Computer Systems, Architectures and Processors
245 -- 245
Ioannis Sourdis
on-Demand System Reliability: The DeSyRe project
246 -- 246
Ioannis Sourdis
Cobra: a Comprehensive Bundle-based Reliable Architecture
247 -- 254
Andrea Pellegrini and Valeria Bertacco
On-demand Thread-level Fault Detection in a Concurrent Programming Environment
255 -- 262
Jian Fu, Qiang Yang, Raphael Poss, Chris R. Jesshope, and Chunyuan Zhang
GPUburn: A System to Test and Mitigate GPU Hardware Failures
263 -- 270
David Defour and Eric Petit
Workload-Dependent Relative Fault Sensitivity and Error Contribution Factor of GPU Onchip Memory Structures
271 -- 278
Ronak Shah, Minsu Choi, and Byunghyun Jang 

Special Session on Exposed Data Path Architectures: Recent Advances and Applications




Introduction to the Special Session on: Exposed Data Path Architectures: Recent Advances and Applications
279 -- 279
Jani Boutellier and Pekka Jääskeläinen
Verilog-based simulation of hardware support for Data-flow concurrency on Multicore systems
280 -- 287
George Matheou and Paraskevas Evripidou
Design of a Unified Transport Triggered Processor for LDPC/Turbo Decoder
288 -- 295
Shahriar Shahabuddin, Janne Janhunen, Muhammet Fatih Bayramoglu, Markku Juntti, Amanullah Ghazi, and Olli  Silvén
Exploiting Tightly-Coupled Cores
296 -- 305
Daniel Bates, Alex Bradbury, Andreas Koltes, and Robert Mullins
FlexCore: Implementing an Exposed Datapath Processor
306 -- 313
Magnus Själander and Per Larsson-Edefors
Dataflow Computing with Polymorphic Registers
314 -- 321
Catalin Ciobanu, Georgi N. Gaydadjiev, Christian Pilato, and Donatella Sciuto
OpenCL Code Generation for Low Energy Wide SIMD Architectures with Explicit Datapath
322 -- 329
Dongrui She, Yifan He, Luc Waeijen, and Henk Corporaal
SIMD Made Explicit
330 -- 337
Luc Waeijen, Dongrui She, Henk Corporaal, and Yifan He