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    The following hotels are located in Aghios Konstantinos, near the conference center :

    • HOTEL AGIOS KONSTANTINOS (5-10 min. walk)
      Tel: +30 22730 94000 / +30 22730-94442
      Fax: +30 22730 94002

    • HOTEL ATLANTIS (5-10 min. walk)
      Tel: +30 2273094329

    • DAPHNE (~20 min. walk)
      Tel: +30-22730-94003

    These hotels are located in Kokkari (about 10 min. by car):

      Tel: +30 22730 92420 / 92324
      Fax: +30 22730 92457

      Tel: +30 22730 92420 / 92324
      Fax: +30 22730 92457

      Tel: +30-22730-92020
      Fax: +30-22730-92006

      Tel: +30-22730-92238 or 92263 or 92061-2
      Fax: +30-22730-92381

      Tel: +30 22730 92605
      Fax: +30 22730 92608

    • HOTEL VENUS (call directly the hotel)
      Tel: +30 22730 92230
      Fax: +30 22730 92305

    Note 1: We will provide transportation between the hotels in Kokkari and the conference center in the mornings and in the afternoons. For more information, please contact Carlo Galuzzi (

    Note 2: Additional information (e.g. price, category) about the selected hotels can be found at:

    Note 3: If you book one of the above hotels yourself, then please specify that you participate in a conference held at INEAG. This might give you a reduced rate!

    Note 4: After having received confirmation of your hotel reservation, please inform Carlo Galuzzi ( about the name of the hotel so that we know where to find you in Samos.

  2. Flight Information

    Direct flights from European Cities

    Several European airlines have also direct flights to Samos from different European cities. Some of the airlines operate together with different tour operators/travel agencies that offer charter flights. Below is a list of some of these airlines and tour operators/travel agencies:
    • Air Berlin have direct flights to Samos from various cities in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and England
    • Thomson Fly offer flights and accommodations. The flights are every Wednesday from Manchester airport and London Gatwick airport.
    • Novair together with Apollo offer charter flights to Samos from Gothenburg Landvetter airport (every Thursday) and Stockholm Arlanda airport (every Friday).
    • Adria Airways together with Intelekta offer flight and hotel packages from Slovenia. Adria Airways also operate together with Kompas and Atlas travel agencies.
      Stuttgart and from Wien every Wednesday.
    • Lauda Air have direct flights every Thursday from Wien to Samos. There are also weekly flights to Samos from Salzburg and Graz but they are available only through travel agencies.
    • Jetairfly have direct flights from Brussels to Samos every Thursday
    • Transavia have direct flights from Amsterdam to Samos but should be booked through travel agencies.
    • Finnmatkat offers flights and accommodation from Finland to Samos.

    Flights from Athens

    There are flights from Athens to Samos (about 40 min.) about 5 times a day, e.g., Olympic Airlines, Aegean Airlines.

    Samos can also be reached by ferry from other Greek islands or from the coast of Turkey. There is the possibility of flying to Izmir (Turkey) and taking a taxi to Kusadasi (Turkey) where you can take the ferry to Samos. The ferry ticket costs around 50 Euro and the transit fee 20 Euro.

  3. Full package deal

    The agencies, listed below, provide full package deals:

    Note: Please, ask for accommodation ONLY in Agios Konstantinos or Kokkari. We will NOT provide transportation to/from other places.

The Island of Samos: