Transparent Sampling

Taj Khan1,  Daniel Gracia-PĂ©rez2,  Olivier Temam1
1INRIA, France., 2CEA, France.


Low simulation speeds have a critical impact on the design process by limiting the number of design options which can be explored. Sampling is a popular fast simulation technique because it can achieve high simulation speed and high accuracy. However state-of-the-art sampling techniques either consider warm-up as an orthogonal issue and leave the choice of a warm-up technique to the end user, or require cumbersome simulator modifications from the end user. Since the most user-friendly and efficient warm-up techniques are not easily compatible with the most efficient sampling techniques, the end user is left with a difficult choice, or runs the risk of misusing sampling techniques with poor warm-up. \emph{Transparent Sampling} reconciles sampling and warm-up techniques by delivering state-of-the-art accuracy and simulation time, while remaining easily accessible to end users not proficient, or not willing to delve into, fast simulation issues.