Exploration Framework for Run-Time Resource Management of Embedded Multi-Core Platforms

Chantal Ykman-Couvreur


In the context of Run-time Resource Management (RRM), several research directions are ongoing. To allow exploration, integration, and efficient collaboration of all complementary techniques, this paper presents a generic and structured framework for RRM of embedded multicore platforms, together with the most relevant services to be supported. The main focus of this RRM is the holistic view of platform resources, the dynamic adaptation to changing context, the transparent optimization of resource usage at run time, and the Quality of user Experience (QoE) management. This RRM follows a distributed and hierarchical approach, consisting of a global resource manager as central coordinator and possibly local resource managers on each core of the platform with their own policies and mechanisms. To illustrate the exploration framework of our RRM, this paper also describes experiments performed by applying our RRM prototype on concurrent MPEG4 encoders.