Enhancements for Variable N-point Streaming FFT/IFFT on REDEFINE, a Runtime Reconfigurable Architecture

Thambi Prashank1,  Prasadarao M1,  Keshavan Varadarajan1,  Avinaba Dutta1,  Mythri Alle1,  Nandy S.K1,  Ranjani Narayan2
1Indian Institute of Science, 2Morphing Machines


3GPP LongTerm Evolution (LTE) is targeted towards variable transmission bandwidths to improve universal mobile telecommunications. This requires support for variable point FFT/IFFT (128 through 4096). ASIC solutions, one for a particular FFT is not cost-effective, while DSP solutions are not performance-effective. We hence provide a solution on REDEFINE, a dynamically reconfigurable platform, by appropriately characterizing the compute elements. We make use of the idle resources of REDEFINE to improve throughput by supporting multiple channels of FFT/IFFT.