ARAL-CR: An Adaptive Reasoning and Learning Cognitive Radio Platform

Sao-Jie Chen1,  Pao-Ann Hsiung2,  Chu Yu3,  Mao-Hsu Yen4,  Sakir Sezer5,  Michael Schulte6,  Yu-Hen Hu6
1National Taiwan Univ., ROC, 2National Chung-Cheng Univ. ROC, 3National Ilan Univ., ROC, 4National Taiwan Ocean Univ., ROC, 5Queen's Universty, Belfast, UK, 6UW Madison, USA


This paper discusses the realization of a cognitive radio (CR) reconfigurable communication architecture and platform. In particular, four key research activities are presented: (1) the design of a multi-band/multi-protocol RF front-end; (2) the design of a reconfigurable baseband transceiver; (3) the design of a software-defined radio (SDR) baseband system using GNU Radio, and (4) the design of a reasoning and learning framework for CR adaptation.