SAMOS X Panel Sessions

A new feature of SAMOS X will be a 90-minute panel coordinated by Yale Patt, University of Texas - Austin, and Trevor Mudge, University of Michigan. The panel will close out the agenda of each of the three days of the conference. The panel will focus on identifying the critical problems and opportunities provided by the emerging multi-core era of the microprocessor. The intent is to engage the audience in constructive dialogue at the close of each day that may carry over into the afternoon and evening discussions that generally pervade the SAMOS atmosphere.

Topics within the main agenda include but will not be limited to: the importance (or not) of reconfigurable structures, the demise (or not) of ILP, and the reality (or not) of heterogeneity. The audience will be invited to introduce additional items as they deem appropriate.

The panelists for the continuing three-day panel will be:

  • Krisztian Flautner, ARM, UK
  • Manolis Katevenis, FORTH-ICS and University of Crete, GR
  • Trevor Mudge, University of Michigan, US (co-coordinator)
  • Walid Najjar University of California Riverside, US
  • Yale Patt, University of Texas - Austin, US (co-coordinator)
  • Guri Sohi, Univeristy of Wisconsin - Madison, US
  • Per Stenstrom, Chalmers Univeristy of Technology, SE
  • Mateo Valero, BSC and Technical University of Catalonia, ES