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    • HOTELS

      We have selected some hotels for the workshop and you can pick one of them.
      Hotels near (5-7 min. walk) to the conference center :

      • HOTEL AGIOS KONSTANTINOS (call directly the hotel)
        Tel: +30 22730 94000 / +30 22730-94442
        Fax: +30 22730 94002

      • HOTEL IRO
        Tel: +30 22730 94013
        Fax: +30 22730 94610

      • DAPHNE
        Tel: +30-22730-94003

      • Hotel AGNANTI (Kambos Vourlioton) (call directly the hotel)
        Tel/Fax : +30 22730 94088

      Hotels in Kokkari (about 10 min. by car):

        Tel: +30 22730 92420 / 92324
        Fax: +30 22730 92457

        Tel: +30 22730 92420 / 92324
        Fax: +30 22730 92457

        Tel: +30-22730-92020
        Fax: +30-22730-92006

        Tel: +30-22730-92238 or 92263 or 92061-2
        Fax: +30-22730-92381

        Tel: +30 22730 92605
        Fax: +30 22730 92608

        Tel : +30 22730 92605
        Fax : +30 22730 92607

      • HOTEL VENUS (call directly the hotel)
        Tel: +30 22730 92230
        Fax: +30 22730 92305

      Note 1: We will provide transportation between the hotels in Kokkari and the conference center in the mornings and in the afternoons. For more information, please contact Lidwina Tromp (

      Note 2: Additional information (e.g. price, category) about the selected hotels can be found at:

      Note 3: If you book one of the above hotels yourself, then please specify that you participate in a conference held at INEAG. This might give you a reduced rate!

      Note 4: After having received confirmation of your hotel reservation, please inform Lidwina Tromp ( about the name of the hotel so that we know where to find you in Samos.

    • Flight Information

      Direct flights from European Cities

      Several European airlines have also direct flights to Samos from different European cities. Some of the airlines operate together with different tour operators/travel agencies that offer charter flights. Below is a list of some of these airlines and tour operators/travel agencies:
      • Novair together with Apollo offer charter flights to Samos from Gothenburg Landvetter airport (every Thursday) and Stockholm Arlanda airport (every Friday).
      • Adria Airways together with Intelekta offer flight and hotel packages from Slovenia. Adria Airways also operate together with Kompas and Atlas travel agencies.
      • Martin Air offer direct flights to Samos every Friday from Amsterdam Schiphol airport.
      • Thomson Fly offer flights and accomodations. The flights are every Wednesday from Manchester airport and London Gatwick airport.
      • Bell-air offer direct flights from Zurich to Samos every Wednesday.
      • LTU have direct flights to Samos every Monday from Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, and Stuttgart and from Wien every Wednesday.
      • Lauda Air have direct flights every Thursday from Wien to Samos. There are also weekly flights to Samos from Salzburg and Graz but they are available only through travel agencies.
      • Jetairfly have direct flights from Brussels to Samos every Thursday
      • Excel Airways offer direct charter flights from London Gatwick and Manchester airports to Samos every Thursday.
      • Air Berlin have direct flights to Samos every Monday from Berlin Tegel and Dusseldorf airports and every Tuesday from Berlin Schonefeld, Cologne/Bonn, Dresden, Erfurt, Hanover, and Nuremberg airports.
      • Transavia have direct flights from Amsterdam to Samos every Tuesday and Friday.
      • Aurinkomatkat offer charter flights and hotel accomodations from Helsinki to Samos

      Flights from Athens

      There are flights from Athens to Samos (about 40 min.) about 5 times a day, e.g., Olympic Airlines, Aegean Airlines.

      Samos can also be reached by other means of transportation other than plane. For more information please contact your travel agent.

    • Full package deal

      The agencies, listed below, provide full package deals:

      Note: Please, ask for accommodation ONLY in Agios Konstantinos or Kokkari. We will NOT provide transportation to/from other places.

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