Paper Submission Information

The authors are encouraged to consider very carefully which venue to select for their work. The same paper cannot be submitted to both, the IC-SAMOS and the SAMOS Workshop.


IC-SAMOS conference considers novel state-of-the-art mature research papers on all aspects of embedded processor hardware/software design and integration. The IC-SAMOS conference proceedings will be published in the IEEE series.

To submit your paper to the conference, please visit the IC-SAMOS Submission page (CLOSED). For formatting instructions visit the IC-SAMOS Proceedings page.

SAMOS Workshop
The SAMOS workshop considers new state-of-the-art research papers as well as papers on ongoing work with promising preliminary results. Positional and in-depth review papers are also considered. The workshop proceedings will be published by Springer Verlag in the LNCS series.

Please visit the SAMOS Workshop Submission page (CLOSED) to proceed. For formatting instructions visit the SAMOS Workshop Proceedings page.