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On Monday 21 July and Tuesday 22 July, there will be organized social events in the afternoons. On Thursday 24 July, there is the traditional hiking trip. Precise details on these events will be announced during the symposium as well as the time and location of the social dinner.


SAMOS 2008 will have the following four keynotes:

  • Keynote from Trevor Mudge, University of Michigan, USA
    Title: "PicoServer - Building a Compact Energy Efficient Multiprocessor"
  • Beachnote from Yale Patt, University of Texas-Austin, USA
    Title: "Can they be fixed: Some thoughts after 40 years in the business" - to be held on Monday during the social event
  • Keynote from Tor Jeremiassen, Texas Instruments, USA
    Title: "Challenges in Embedded System Simulation"
  • Keynote from Manolis Katevenis, FORTH - University of Crete, Greece
    Title: "Towards Unified Mechanisms for Inter-Processor Communication"