SAMOS WORKSHOP: Proceedings and Publication Preparation

The online proceedings for the SAMOS Workshop 2008 can be found here.

Formatting instructions for final submission:

The camera ready paper should be submitted as a package containing the Latex source files (tex-file, bib-file, pictures, etc.) and a pdf as reference. Download and use the llncs.cls class file for the paper in general and the splncs.bst for the references. The maximum number of pages per paper is 10. Up to 2 extra pages are allowed at an additional charge, to be specified later. The workshop proceedings will be published by Springer Verlag in the LNCS series. The document typeinst.pdf provides detailed formatting instructions. The typeinst.tex file is an example of how to use the llncs class file and can be used as a template.

Some additional formatting instructions are:

  • Do not modify the margins, line spacing, empty spaces between figures and text or between caption and figure, etc. (especially, do not use \vspace outside figures and tables).
  • Jpg and gif pictures are often problematic in publications. Use vector graphics if possible and preferably in eps format.
  • Do not use period in the end of figure or table captions.
  • Avoid footnotes.
  • Authors name must be written in a consistent style:

Author1 and Author2

Author1, Author2, and Author3

No abbreviations in first names: write "First Surname" instead "F. Surname".

  • The address has to be written as follows (do not use period in the end of address lines):

Company/University, Department/Institute/Laboratory

Street address

Email addresses


The deadline for submission of the camera ready paper is 11th April. Submission is done through the submission site (see the top of this page).

Along with the final version of the paper, each author has to submit a signed version of the copyright form. This can be done electronically through the submission system or sent by fax to +31 15 27 84898.

In case of problems or questions authors can contact the proceedings chair.