SAMOS IV is the fourth of the Systems, Architectures, MOdeling, and Simulation workshop series. The main focus is on the state-of-the art techniques in the design of embedded systems, including mapping techniques and synthesis, processors design and implementation, architectures, systems on a chip modeling issues such as specification languages, formal models, and finally simulation, and hardware software codesign.

SAMOS is one of the few workshops that accepts new state of the art research papers and it also provides space for presentation and inclusion in the conference proceedings of positional and review papers.

The unique format of the SAMOS conference series includes informal discussions and provides the participants with an environment where collaboration rather than competition is fostered. Discussions are carried out in unique places such as beaches, mountain walks and pleasant lunches and dinners.

The SAMOS workshop have been envisioned to provide an informal forum where everyone is encouraged to bring up for discussion formally or not of new and daring ideas.


Samos is an island of the eastern Aegean Sea. It is only 1500 meters far from the coasts of Asia Minor. Island Samos combines extraordinary nature with culture which hasn't had any significant changes through centuries, along with a really long history and old traditions of the island and its sights.

The conference will be held in Agio Konstantinos (see Samos map)