Stamatis Symposium: A Celebration of the Life of Stamatis Vassiliadis


On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the passing of Stamatis, we have changed the format of SAMOS XVII as follows: Instead of Keynotes each day of the conference, we are having a special symposium on Wednesday, July 19, consisting of nine 20 minute vision talks by leading authorities in computer architecture, followed by several short remembrances by colleagues who knew Stamatis well. In the tradition of Stamatis, we will keep the symposium to approximately four hours, leaving the afternoon free for eating, drinking, and good fellowship.

The agenda is as follows:

09:00 Welcome to the Stamatis Symposium
09:05 Mateo Valero, 'From Classical to Runtime Aware Architectures'
09:25 Per Stenstom, 'Efficient Computing in the Post-Moore Era'
09:45 Manolis Katevenis, 'Cluster Communication Latency: towards approaching the Minimum Hardware Limits, on Low-Power Platforms'
10:05 Nikitas Dimopoulos, 'On Neural Computing and Architectures'
10:25 Uri Weiser, 'When to Process in Storage?'
10:45 Coffee break
11:15 Walid Najjar, 'Embracing Rather Than Fighting Memory Latency'
11:35 Wayne Luk, 'Progress towards self-optimising and self-verifying design'


Trevor Mudge, 'Machine Learning Processors — Deja Vu?'
12:15 Yale Patt, 'Economics Be Damned!'
12:35 Short break
12:45 Remembrances (Mike Flynn, Christos Strydis, Carlo Galuzzi, Jarmo Takala, Andy D. Pimentel, Georgi Gaydadijev, Yannis Sourdis, John Glossner, others, as the mood strikes)
13:15 Conference Closing

By clicking on the title of the presentations, it is possible to download the slides of the presentations.