Stamatis Vassiliadis Symposium (July 19, 2017)


On July 19, 2017, the SAMOS conference welcomes participants to celebrate the life of Stamatis Vassiliadis, the founding father of the SAMOS conference. Highlight of the half-day
symposium will be technical visionary talks by recognized experts in the field of embedded computer systems and architecture.


Nikitas Dimopoulos,
University of Victoria, Canada
  Yale Patt,
The University of Texas at Austin, United States
Manolis Katevenis,
FORTH-ICS and University of Crete, Greece
James E. Smith,
University of Wisconsin Madison, United States
Wayne Luk,
Imperial College London, United Kingdom
Per Stenström,
Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden
Trevor Mudge,
University of Michigan, 
United States
Uri Weiser,
Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, Israel
Walid Najjar,
University of California - Riverside, United States
Mateo Valero,
Barcelona Supercomputing Center, Spain