Conference Tracks


The Applications, Systems, Architectures, and Processors Track

This track focuses on advances in systems efficiency in various domains. We seek original contributions describing new architectural and micro architectural techniques aiming to improve performance (e.g. processing throughput or real-time latency), energy and power efficiency, reliability and dependability of embedded systems. We solicit novel architectures and computing methodologies and solutions for accelerating applications in various embedded domains such as next generation life sciences and medicine, next generation automotive and avionics, next generation learning systems for surveillance and recognition, immersive virtual reality. Topics of interest include (but are not limited to):

  • Novel Architectures for Accelerators in High Performance Embedded Systems;
  • Application-specific and Domain-specific Embedded Heterogeneous Multicore Systems;
  • Embedded Reconfigurable Processors;
  • Software tools, Compilation techniques and optimizations, and Code generation for Reconfigurable Architectures;
  • Architecture synthesis from Functional Languages Descriptions;
  • Virtualization and Energy-aware Secure, Reliable, and High Availability Multi-core Architectures;
  • Embedded Parallel Systems and Multiprocessor Systems-On-Chip;
  • Application level Resource Management of Multi-core Architectures;
  • Memory Management and Smart Caches for big data;
  • Network-on-Chip, Software Defined Network-on-Chips.

The Modeling, Design, and Design Space Exploration Track

This track focuses on all design processes for embedded systems ranging from system-level specification, design languages, modeling and simulation, performance, power, reliability and thermal estimation and analysis, hardware/software and system synthesis, design and design space exploration methodologies down to hardware and software synthesis and compilation strategies. Topics of interest include (but are not limited to):

  • Hardware/Software and Algorithm/Architecture Co-design;
  • Design Space Exploration Strategies, Algorithms and CAD Tools;
  • Specification Languages and Models;
  • System-Level Design, Simulation, and Verification;
  • Hardware, Software and System Synthesis Techniques and CAD Tools;
  • MP-SoC and Platform Based Design Methodologies;
  • MP-SoC Programming, Compilers, Simulation and Mapping Technologies;
  • Profiling, Measurement and Analysis Techniques and CAD Tools;
  • (Design for) System Adaptivity;
  • Testing and Debugging.
  • Machine Learning, neural networks, and artificial intelligence.

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